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Airtel is a name that connects India with millions of people all over the world with millions of people in India. Today, this telecom giant is amongst the most trusted telecommunication brands in the world. The company’s modest journey from a regional operator limited to the city of Delhi to second largest mobile operator in the Asia Pacific region is nothing short of inspiring.

This company is the brainchild of Sunil Mittal, who has worked hard for his company from when he assembled landline phones to his puschase of a cellular network in India when it was just a fldgeling concept, to making it a household name within a span of a mere 20 years.

Today i will give you Airtel Customer Care Number, Airtel Customer Care  Toll Free Number, Airtel Customer Care Support , Airtel Toll Free  Customer Care Number Support Helpline.

Airtel Customer Care Number : 121 / 198 ( 24×7 Active )

Non-Airtel Users regional contact information:

Airtel Andhra Pradesh
Postpaid: 9849012345
Prepaid: 9849098490

Airtel Assam
Postpaid: 9954012345
Prepaid: 9954099540

Airtel Bihar & Jharkhand
Postpaid: 9934012345
Prepaid: 9934099340

Airtel Chennai
Postpaid: 9840012345
Prepaid: 9840198401

Airtel Delhi
Postpaid: 9810012345
Prepaid: 9810198101

Airtel Gujarat
Postpaid: 9898012345
Prepaid: 9898098980

Airtel Haryana
Postpaid: 9896012345
Prepaid: 9896098960

Airtel Himachal Pradesh
Postpaid: 9816012345
Prepaid: 9816098160

Airtel Jammu & Kashmir
Postpaid: 9906012345
Prepaid: 9906099060

Airtel Karnataka
Postpaid: 9845012345
Prepaid: 9845098450

Airtel Kerala
Postpaid: 9895012345
Prepaid: 9895198951

Airtel Kolkata
Postpaid: 9831012345
Prepaid: 9831098310

Airtel Maharashtra, Goa
Postpaid: 9890012345
Prepaid: 9890098900

Airtel Mumbai
Postpaid: 9892012345
Prepaid: 9892098920

Airtel North East
Postpaid: 9862012345
Prepaid: 9862098620

Airtel Orissa
Postpaid: 9937012345
Prepaid: 9937099370

Airtel Punjab
Postpaid: 9815012345
Prepaid: 9815098150

Airtel Rajasthan
Postpaid: 9829012345
Prepaid: 9950099500

Airtel Tamil Nadu
Postpaid: 9894012345
Prepaid: 9894198941

Airtel Uttar Pradesh (East)
Postpaid: 9935012345
Prepaid: 9935199351

Airtel Uttar Pradesh (West) & Uttarakhand
Postpaid: 9897012345

Prepaid: 9897098970

Airtel West Bengal
Postpaid: 9933012345
Prepaid: 9933099330

As an Airtel customer you have the convenience to access our 24-hr customer service centre at 121, or call our customer care numbers (click here). from your Airtel landline to register your complaint. Email your questions, comments or suggestions to us at and airtel will get right back to you.

Just follow these steps:

# Dial “198

# Select “1” for Mobility

# The automated voice will repeat your mobile number and current balance. just wait till it starts giving you other options and the last option will be “*”.

# Select “*” and it will give you further options.

# Select “5” for Sim lost and you will get connected to Airtel Gold Executive.

This is the only way that works for now.

This guide is Update on 2 july 2017 and is working flawlessly and in case if you have any doubt feel free to ask us in comments section below.

Airtel is undoubtedly one of the biggest telecom provider network in india and with great power comes great responsibility and thats the reason you guys are here today. There are many airtel users who want to Talk with airtel customer care executive directly without waiting and we are here with the Guide.

Usually when you call Airtel Customer care number you have to input several different options in the IVR to talk to Airtel Customer care person directly and thats bit annoying . So we are here with the way to Call Airtel Customer care executive directly 2017.

t is seriously very irritating and annoying when you have to wait for minutes and minutes waiting for the Airtel executive to talk with you and still it happens sometime that you are unable to find the right option . So in this guide we are here with the several different ways to Talk with Airtel customer care person directly

So above were the ways with which you can Speak to Airtel Customer care Executive directly . I hope this guide Helped you to talk with Airtel customer care person directly. if you have any doubt you can comment down below in the comments section.

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